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George Gordienko – Koko The Clown


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George Gordienko

Winnipeg, Manitoba

January 7, 1928 – May 13, 2002

Artist, Printmaker, Sculptor, Professional Wrestler

Internationally renowned for his paintings, George was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Up until his retirement, George was actually a professional wrestler. Since then, George devoted his like to art.

In his formative years, Mr. Gordienko traveled to England to study at the Camberwell School of Art and the City & Guilds School of Kennington near London. While residing in England, he visited most parts of the world painting in such far away places as Japan, India and Australia; an experience reflected in much of his art.

George lived in Italy as a full-time painter from 1974 – 1977.

The work of George Gordienko, has the ring of true quality. Excellent craftsmanship is coupled with a fine sense of color, perspective and proportion. Still lifes, portraits and landscapes are executed with skill and knowledge in which composition platys and important role.

Dimensions 32 × 26 in