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Creative Services

Our Creative Services department features a host of available services. We feature an on-site wide-format printer capable of printing onto various types of materials including canvas. We only use archival ink and print anything from an average poster to a professional grade print.

Using the latest in graphic software our professionals can restore old and damaged photos, create custom photo collages, and print your custom images. Bring in your photo and we can scan your image and create a digital copy for your future needs. If you have a digital copy of your image we can work from that (we recommend a digital copy of the highest possible quality). We can access your image online if available, or receive it via email if applicable.

Bring Your Photos To Us On:

  • Any scannable photo or picture
  • CD/DVD
  • USB
  • Smart Media
  • Compact Flash
  • MS/MS Pro
  • SD/MMC
  • Firewire
  • 35mm Filmstrips/Slides
  • Medium Format Negatives/Positives

Full Photo Editing, Re-Sizing, And Restoration Services

We offer full graphic design services. Photo restoration, image editing, image re-sizing, photo duplication and more! We also can create original works, and tailor your photos to your liking. We have a full range of graphic tools at our disposal and stylish typography to work with.

Photo Restoration

Working from just about any digital or scanned image our professional graphic artist can bring new life to an old or blemished photograph. Using the latest in graphic software we provide excellent quality prints and images that often look brighter and clearer than the original. We remove glare, sunspots, bad reflections, picture blemishes, and unwanted sights. Bring in your photo and our professional graphic artist will be happy to discuss restorative options for your photo.

Image Editing

Images brought in to our creative services department can be edited to suit your needs. We can add color to a black and white photo, turn a colored image into a sepia tone image, and even add or remove objects from pictures. This can be helpful for a variety of reasons: custom collages, removing photo blemishes, personal creative designs, and more. Our Graphic artist can spend time with you to help decide what is right for your photo, and what options are available to you.

Image Resizing

Our graphic artist can enlarge and shrink image sizes and scale them professionally to suit your needs. This is great for enlarging or shrinking a images and photos to fit certain frame sizes, creating custom posters, signs, collages and more. How much we can enlarge a digital image is determined solely on the quality of the image.

How large can we make your photo?

Image Duplication

We can make digital copies of any of your photos and artwork as long as you are the owner, or have the artists permission. Copies can be printed, put onto DVDs, or transferred to your own method of storage for use in the future. We keep your copies on file so you can easily get more prints made.

Wide-Format Professional Grade Digital Printing

We use a professional grade on-demand ink jet printer with a maximum printable width of 43.5″. With a maximum resolution of 1440x720dpi your print work will be clean, crisp and vibrantly colored. We only use high quality archival ink and feature many printable medias on-site. We have the tools and experience to create digital prints that will exceed expectations.

We Can Print Directly On:

  • Semi_matte Photo Paper
  • Matte Poster Paper
  • Glossy Photo Paper
  • Textured Art Paper
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl Banner
  • Vinyl Sticker

Why Archival Ink Matters

Archival ink is pigment based ink that provides high quality color and image stability. Pigment based ink is quite different from dye based ink. Where dye based ink is absorbed into the material, pigment based ink sits on top of the material. This method ensures brighter color, and longer-lasting picture life (over 100 years). We recommend using archival ink for long lasting picture quality, professional printing, canvas printing, vinyl printing, and any graphic design work. We also recommend using full conservation framing with archival ink to ensure long lasting artwork.

The Drawbacks Of Regular Dye Ink

Dye type ink is designed to permanently change the color of the material it is applied to. This type of ink, as the name implies, saturates the material, meaning the color is absorbed. This type of ink fades quickly over time, has the potential to bleed colors, and does not produce high quality prints. With these things in mind, we have decided to only use archival ink to provide vivid results that will last.

How Large Can I Print My Digital Image?

The size at which your digital photos can be printed at depends on the original quality of the image. For accurate recommendations we highly suggest you bring in your digital image so our Creative Services department can examine it. Once examined, we can give you a quote, and some guidelines in regards to what will print out best. Our professional Graphic Artist can help you chose a size that will retain the best qualitys of your picture, without causing distortions and unwanted effects.

Custom Printed Designs

Here you will find many great examples of what we have done, and what is possible when it comes to custom printing and mounting/framing your artwork. We can work from any digital file your provide us with to create outstanding custom pieces, and collage work.

What Can Be Done With Your Print Work?

By using your digital images, we can adjust images to your desired size (assuming they meet the quality requirements for you desired size). Once images are adjusted to your desired size, we can then print your images on your choice of media. Images can also be modified to your liking at this stage by doing touch ups, restoration, adding typography and other effects to your taste.

Printing On Canvas

If an image is printed on canvas, we can then stretch or frame your canvas so it is ready to hung on your wall.

Printing On Paper

If an image is printed on paper, you can then choose your preferred style of framing or mounting. This allows for us to create a work art to your exact specifications. Why settle on artwork, when you can make your own!

Photo Scanning (3 1/2″ X 5″ Up To 8″ X 10″)

Call For Pricing.

Size:3 1/2″ x 5″ up to 8″ x 10″

Price: Call for pricing.

Applicable Return Policies:

*Online Orders are considered Final Sales.

Print Scanning

Protect your memories, and have the ability to share photos with everyone.

The most economical way of scanning all of your photos.  

Bring us your loose photo’s or boxes of photos.  (No albums please)

Scans are saved onto a DVD and scanned at 600 DPI.  

Photos must be larger than 2 1/2” x 3 1/2”, and cannot be mounted on thicker paper or cardstock.  Photos with rips, tears, tape or mounted to a heavier cardstock will need to be evaluated and may incur other charges to scan, as they will have to be individually scanned.  

Sorry, no Polaroids.

Maximum size is  8” x 10”

Call for pricing.

*Please note that photos must be scanned in batches (by size), so they may not be returned or scanned in the order given to us.