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Winnipeg’s Custom Framing Experts. You Name It, We Frame It!

We have over 20 years experience in the custom framing and wall décor industry. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, best pricing and quickest turn around time to best serve your home, office or business. Pictures-Frames & More is dedicated to providing the best available options and advice in custom framing.

Visualization Software:

Not certain of the ideal solution for your artwork? Overwhelmed by all the options? Using the latest in visualization software, our framers can show you how your custom framing will look completed on our wide screen monitor or we can email proofs right to your computer before any work is started. More detailed information can be found in any of the categories below.

Custom Framing Quotes:

We can make any size frame, in either a wood or metal moulding that suits your preferences. We have over 1,000 different mouldings to choose from. Due to the endless combinations possible of custom framing options, quotes will only be issued in-store. To provide a quote we require that you come in to our 1841 St. Matthews location with your artwork and select your custom framing preferences. We can then provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

Quotes will not be given over the phone.

Download quote form for art that is rolled paper, flat paper or mounted paper. Quote Form for Prints

Download quote form for art that is a rolled canvas. Quote Form for Rolled Canvas. Quote Form for Rolled Canvas

Quantity And Corporate Quotes:

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding your Quantity and Corporate needs. Quote Form for Quantity Orders

Custom Framing

Our custom framing department has hundreds of frames samples to choose from.  Come into our store and our custom framers will help you pick out the best frame to suit your art.

We have many styles to choose from in both wood and metal.  From a simple black frame to an ornate frame, or a frame for your jersey.

The frames come in many widths and depths that will help showcase your art to its fullest potential.

The pictures shown are a very small selection of what we have available to us.

Computer Cut Custom Picture Frame Matting

Using a computerized in-house mat cutter we offer plenty of options for your choice of matting. We offer custom mat cutting and can often cut an in-stock mat while you wait. The standard cut (shown to the left) features a bevelled edge around a mat opening but there are other options. With a reverse bevel, a unique look is easily achieved. A raised top mat can be used to add depth to your framed art. Decorative cuts such as channel cuts and v-grooves can be cut in a variety of custom shapes and styles adding a little extra color and style to any framed work.

Available Options For Mats:

  • Cotton
  • Textured
  • Conservation Acid-free
  • Conservation Acid-free Suede
  • Conservation Acid-free Color Core

Styles And Cuts:

  • Bevelled
  • Reverse Bevel
  • Raised Top Mat
  • Channel Cut
  • V-Groove

What Is Acid-Free Matting?

Acid-free matting is essential for original works of art, and conservation framing. Paper and cardboard mats contain acids which over time will start to seep into framed artwork eventually ruining it. Acid-free mats are usually made from 100% pure high alpha cellulose wood pulp which is then treated to be inert for at least 300 years. This is our recommendation for any type of original artwork, limited edition artwork, and anything that is of value and needs to be preserved over time.

What Is Color Core Matting?

While most mats offer a white core, color core mats feature colored cores. With color core mats you are no longer restricted to having plain white bevels or v-grooves appearing on your piece. This type of matting is a great way to incorporate a bit of extra style or accent colors into your framed work.

Computerized Mat Cutting

We have a new computerized mat cutter with some new features to help highlight your pictures.  We can now add extra details to your matting with a pen drawing feature.  We can use black, gold, silver and even white to add lines to highlight your special pieces.  Need a special cut out to enhance a picture, or even want to carry an element of your picture into the mat.  We now have more options to make your piece extra special.

Glass Options For All Types Of Framing

We offer in-house custom glass cutting while you wait. Not only can we fit your choice of glass to any frame, Ready-Made or custom, we can also replace damaged or broken glass with the matching type. With over 5 different options including both regular and conservation glass we have the style that will suit your art best.

Available Glass Types:

  • Regular Clear Glass
  • Non-Glare Glass
  • Conservation UV Clear Glass
  • Conservation UV Non-Glare Glass
  • Ultra View Glass
  • Plexiglass

Regular Glass

Our standard glass. We use premium glass, and our glass blocks up to 45% of UV light. This glass is not conservation grade, however this type of glass is a common and economic choice for regular framing.

Non-Glare Glass

Non-glare glass has a special layer added to it that is slightly textured. The light is diffused in this layer instead of reflected, avoiding glare. Non-Glare glass has many applications. It is the perfect solution for a framed piece placed across from a television, or in a space with plenty of light. It can also be used to “warm” up the colors in your art.

Conservation Glass

Conservation UV glass is a must when it comes to preserving your framed art over the years. Over time exposure to indoor and outdoor UV light can contribute to the fading and deterioration of artwork. UV Silica based coating is baked into the glass and prevents 99% of UV rays from ever reaching your art. This coating will not delaminate over time. This is our recommended glass type for valuable artwork as it will protect it for a lifetime.

Conservation Non-Glare Glass

Our Conservation Non-Glare Glass offers the best of both worlds. This glass still reflects up to 99% of UV light which makes it a perfect choice for any conservation framing. While still minimizing glare, this glass will allow over 97% light transmission which will help maintain color, brightness and contrast levels in your artwork.

Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra View Glass virtually eliminates reflections.  This glass will filter up to 70 % of UV rays, and provides crystal clear color transmission.  Ultraview glass has an enhangnced  surface for better duralbility and easy cleaning.  Ths is great in a shadow box, as it looks like you can reach in and pick up the piece that has been framed.

What Do We Mean By Glass Size?

The “Glass Size” of a frame refers to the proper measurement to be used when fitting glass, matting, backing and artwork into a frame. A frame has a “Live Area” on the front, and the “Glass Size” easily determined by the back of the frame.

The Live Area

This refers to the glass and artwork seen from the front of the frame. We generally do not use the as a measurement as it can vary slightly from frame to frame. Typically, about ⅛” of the glass size is covered by the frame all the way around.

The Glass Size

To get accurate measurements for your glass, matting, backing and artwork, we measure what is called the “glass size”. This is measured from the back of the frame.

The example to the left will show you what to measure for your frames.

Picture Frame Backing Options

Chosing the right of backing for your artwork is important, and we can help you figure out what will suit your situation best. Using the wrong type of backing for the wrong job, can eventually wind up in damage to your precious artwork.

Available Picture Backing

  • Cardboard
  • Foamcore
  • Acid-Free Foamcore


Corrugated cardboard is our most cost effective option but has the highest acidity of our 3 backing choices and is recommended for inexpensive artwork that does not need to be preserved. Cardboard can be used with digital prints and posters, but is not recommended for any hand-painted work, original art, fabrics or canvas.

What Is Foamcore?

Foamcore is the recommended backing for most artwork. It consists of three layers: An inner layer of polystyrene foam between 2 outer layers of claycoated paper. Regular foamcore is naturally acidic, but contains much less acid than cardboard. This style of backing is also designed to handle moisture and humidity, preventing it from shifting and warping over time. It is recommended for framing posters and prints.

What Is Acid-Free Foamcore?

Regular foamcore and cardboard both contain acid which over time can seep into and damage artwork. Acid-free foamcore is the solution for conservation framing. It undergoes a special process to remove existing acid which can be harmful to artwork over time.

Full Canvas Services

We offer in-house canvas stretching. Canvas needs to be stretched to the right tightness to allow for contraction after the stretching process is completed. If done improperly, the canvas can warp diagonally over time and this could result in damage and/or having to re-stretch your canvas. We professionally stretch the canvas with the proper allowances. Our professional framers have many years of experience stretching all types of canvas.

Canvas Options

  • Canvas Transfer
  • Digital Canvas Printing
  • Thin Bar Stretch
  • Gallery Wrap

What Is A Canvas Transfer?

A Canvas Transfer is a print or poster image that has been transferred and fixed to a canvas surface. A print or poster image is coated with a special film that lifts the image from the paper. The film with the embedded image is then heat-sealed to the canvas surface. The image is now permanently part of the canvas, and ready to be stretched.

What Is Canvas Stretching?

Canvas stretching is the process in which a canvas is mounted onto a stretcher bar support frame work in preparation for hanging or framing. These are the same frameworks that are used by most artists to stretch canvases for original art. Normally a canvas has about 2-3 inches of blank canvas left around the image. This ensures that no part of the image is lost while stretching the canvas around the stretcher bar frame work. Once the canvas is stretched onto its frame work the edges can be finished with a gloss or matte black edge tape for a clean look.

What Is A Gallery Wrap?

Instead of wrapping 2-3 inches of blank canvas around the stretcher bar frame work, a gallery wrap has 2-3 inches of the image wrapped around the stretcher bar frame work. It offers a more refined, museum type look and your canvased image seamlessly runs into the wall. This is ideal for trimming down your image if you were looking for a smaller image size.

What Is Dry Mounting?

Drymounting is a process in which artwork is permanently adhered to foamcore or matboard using an adhesive. Humidity changes and shifting can cause buckling over time. Drymounting is a great way to prevent this. Wrinkles and rips in artwork can be flattened out during the drymounting process and can leave a wrinkled piece of art looking brand new in most cases. Drymounting is permanent so we do not recommend it for original works of art, or valuable artwork as this can devalue the art. Ask one of our professional framers if drymounting is the right choice for your art.

Common Reasons To Consider Drymounting

  • Fix wrinkles and tears
  • For use without a frame
  • Framing without glass
  • Borders without matting
  • …and more!

Custom Plaquemounting

Plaquemounting is a stylish and economical way to mount and display your artwork. There are many different options and styles available for Plaquemounts and we can help you determine which method will best suit your particular artwork and taste.

Available Styles For Plaquemounts

  • Plaquemount (Also referred to as a Boardmount, Blockmount or Hardboard)
  • Masomount
  • Floatmount
  • Flushmount

Available Finishes And Options For Plaquemounts

  • Hot Press Finish (Matte)
  • Gloss Finish
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Canvax Finish
  • Custom Edge Color

Available Trim Colors

A variety of edge colors can be used when mounting your artwork. These provide a little extra style to your finished piece, and help pull other colors in to your mounting.

Trim Colors Available

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Forest Green
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Silver
  • White

What Is A Plaquemount?

Plaquemounting is a process in which a piece of artwork is adhered permanently to a sheet of half-inch medium density fiber board (MDF) which is then laminated. Edges are bevelled with a choice of colored finishes. Plaquemounting is a great and cost effective alternative to framing and glass. Plaquemounting can come with a variety of different finishes including: hot press (matte), high gloss, and Canvax.

What Is A Masomount?

A Masomount is a print or poster that has been adhered to a 1/8” thick piece of masonite with bevelled edges which is then laminated using your choice of finish. This is then normally adhered to a half-inch MDF board. This method is very useful when incorporating mats into your mounting, ask one of our framers about Masomounts to determine if it will enhance your art.

What Is A Floatmount?

A Floatmount is a Masomount that has a wooden brace behind it to create a “floated” look. Once hung the Floatmount will be spaced approximately an inch away from the wall creating the illusion of your art “floating” off the wall.

(This particular style of mounting can ONLY have a black edging.)

What Is A Flushmount?

A Flushmount is similar to a Floatmount. Instead of being centered on the back of the Masomount, the back brace is flush with the edge of the board creating a thicker edge that is wider than a Plaquemount.

Plaquemounted And Framed Art Finishes

Any prints that are mounted to MDF or masonite can have one of these finishes applied. Each finish has its own benefits, and our framers can help you determine which will suit your situation and artwork best.

What Is A Canvax Finish?

Canvax is a special finish that can be applied to any Plaquemount or Masomounted art. Canvax is a textured finish that mimics the look and feel of genuine canvas. Canvax is a growing trend in Plaquemounting as it offers a stylish look, great durability and is very cost effective. Canvax is also great as an alternative to glass in framed pieces, and is used frequently in our custom framed art.

What Is A Gel Finish?

Gel finish refers to a special coating that is applied over a print. It makes a great alternative to glass. This coating is pH neutral so that it does not damage the print. Gel finish is one of our most economical finishes available for artwork. Generally the finished product is much lighter than a piece of art using glass or a Canvax finish, which makes it ideal for oversized pieces. On top of being lightweight and economical, gel finishes can be used to give prints a vintage “painted” look and feel. Gel finishes also help reduce glare to a degree.

What Is A Gloss / High Gloss Finish?

High Gloss and Gloss finishes are made by applying a special laminant to mounted artwork that can provide a different look and feel. Gloss and High Gloss finishes provide maximum color clarity and vibrancy. This type of finish is common in our own custom designs, and is a popular choice for Abstract, Cityscape, and Scenic art. This type of finish is best suited to artwork that is not opposite or below a light source as much of the light will cause glare.

Mounted photographs, and images on photo paper MUST use this type of finish as these types of images and paper cannot undergo the matte finish process without damaging the art.

What Is A Hot Press (Matte) Finish?

Our Matte finish provides a great alternative for Non-Glare Glass. There are many situations where glass is not required, not wanted, or simply unusable for your frame style. By using a matte finish, you can eliminate glare. The finish is slightly textured (almost unnoticeable) which helps diffuse light.

This type of finish is ideal for very bright rooms, and in situations where artwork may be placed opposite a window or light source. Most types of mounted artwork can have this finish applied, except for photo’s and photo paper, which require a gloss finish.

This is the most common choice for our customers.

Add A Little Style With Picture Fillets!

A Fillet is a small and generally thin decorative frame-like inlay that is used around a mat opening for added style or color. A “double frame” effect can be created by pairing a fillet with a frame.

Fillets are a great tool for drawing the eye inward towards the document being framed and can provide a stylish way to bring another texture or color into your finished piece.

No More Guessing. We Virtually Create Your Framing Job Right Before Your Eyes

What Is “Visualization Software”?

Visualization Software is what we use to build a custom framing job on our computers. By utilizing this software we can take any in-stock items and combine them into a final framed product on-screen. This allows us to “visualize” the project before starting any work. We have the ability to use a sample of any frame, mat, fillet, and artwork combination you can think of, and we can show you a sneak peak of your potential masterpiece.

How Visualization Software Can Help

We understand that Custom Framing can be an investment, and only perfection will do. By allowing you to see what your custom job will look like ahead of placing an order, we eliminate guessing at what the final outcome may look like. Now instead of picking a mat color and style hoping that it turns out ok, we can show you. Don’t like the mat color? We can change it. Don’t like the spacing? Let’s make it right. Not the right frame for you? Let’s find one that works. There is no end to the possibilities, but we can help narrow it down for you.

Examples Of Custom Framing Work We’ve Done

Custom Framing is our specialty and we have framers on-site all the time. When it comes to framing, you name it, and we’ll frame it. Below you will find examples of work we have done for our clients in the past.

We Do All Types Of Custom Framing

  • Certificates
  • Documents
  • Puzzles
  • Posters and Prints
  • Mirrors
  • Medals
  • Decorative Plates
  • Jerseys and Clothing
  • Unique Ojbect Framing
  • And More!