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Picture Frame Backing Options

Chosing the right of backing for your artwork is important, and we can help you figure out what will suit your situation best. Using the wrong type of backing for the wrong job, can eventually wind up in damage to your precious artwork.

Available Picture Backing

  • Cardboard
  • Foamcore
  • Acid-Free Foamcore


Corrugated cardboard is our most cost effective option but has the highest acidity of our 3 backing choices and is recommended for inexpensive artwork that does not need to be preserved. Cardboard can be used with digital prints and posters, but is not recommended for any hand-painted work, original art, fabrics or canvas.

What Is Foamcore?

Foamcore is the recommended backing for most artwork. It consists of three layers: An inner layer of polystyrene foam between 2 outer layers of claycoated paper. Regular foamcore is naturally acidic, but contains much less acid than cardboard. This style of backing is also designed to handle moisture and humidity, preventing it from shifting and warping over time. It is recommended for framing posters and prints.

What Is Acid-Free Foamcore?

Regular foamcore and cardboard both contain acid which over time can seep into and damage artwork. Acid-free foamcore is the solution for conservation framing. It undergoes a special process to remove existing acid which can be harmful to artwork over time.

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