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Wall Buddies (Large)


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Wall buddies are great for adding extra support to your existing frame. Not only do they provide extra support but they make it extremely simple to balance pictures on your wall. They are designed with slanted sawtooths with many teeth so making small adjustmants has never been easier. Unlike wire, which has traditionally been used to hang artwork, WallBuddies do not cause artwork to tip away from the wall when hung, or expose unsightly hardware on the backside. Artwork hung with wires or nails can shift and move when doors slam or when extraneous movements occur. This shifting usually results in damage to the walls in your home or office, or even to the hanging itself. Worse yet, the wire breaks and the fallen picture is damaged, or damages furniture below it. Let your artwork and Wall D?cor > Mirrors remain a statement in your home, not a replacement project. These are the same hangers we use for our jersey cases due to their reliability.


Rated for 80 LBS

Dimensions 4.25 × 2 in