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Visualization Software

No More Guessing. We Virtually Create Your Framing Job Right Before Your Eyes

What Is “Visualization Software”?

Visualization Software is what we use to build a custom framing job on our computers. By utilizing this software we can take any in-stock items and combine them into a final framed product on-screen. This allows us to “visualize” the project before starting any work. We have the ability to use a sample of any frame, mat, fillet, and artwork combination you can think of, and we can show you a sneak peak of your potential masterpiece.

How Visualization Software Can Help

We understand that Custom Framing can be an investment, and only perfection will do. By allowing you to see what your custom job will look like ahead of placing an order, we eliminate guessing at what the final outcome may look like. Now instead of picking a mat color and style hoping that it turns out ok, we can show you. Don’t like the mat color? We can change it. Don’t like the spacing? Let’s make it right. Not the right frame for you? Let’s find one that works. There is no end to the possibilities, but we can help narrow it down for you.

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