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Plaquemounted And Framed Art Finishes

Any prints that are mounted to MDF or masonite can have one of these finishes applied. Each finish has its own benefits, and our framers can help you determine which will suit your situation and artwork best.

What Is A Canvax Finish?

Canvax is a special finish that can be applied to any Plaquemount or Masomounted art. Canvax is a textured finish that mimics the look and feel of genuine canvas. Canvax is a growing trend in Plaquemounting as it offers a stylish look, great durability and is very cost effective. Canvax is also great as an alternative to glass in framed pieces, and is used frequently in our custom framed art.

What Is A Gel Finish?

Gel finish refers to a special coating that is applied over a print. It makes a great alternative to glass. This coating is pH neutral so that it does not damage the print. Gel finish is one of our most economical finishes available for artwork. Generally the finished product is much lighter than a piece of art using glass or a Canvax finish, which makes it ideal for oversized pieces. On top of being lightweight and economical, gel finishes can be used to give prints a vintage “painted” look and feel. Gel finishes also help reduce glare to a degree.

What Is A Gloss / High Gloss Finish?

High Gloss and Gloss finishes are made by applying a special laminant to mounted artwork that can provide a different look and feel. Gloss and High Gloss finishes provide maximum color clarity and vibrancy. This type of finish is common in our own custom designs, and is a popular choice for Abstract, Cityscape, and Scenic art. This type of finish is best suited to artwork that is not opposite or below a light source as much of the light will cause glare.

Mounted photographs, and images on photo paper MUST use this type of finish as these types of images and paper cannot undergo the matte finish process without damaging the art.

What Is A Hot Press (Matte) Finish?

Our Matte finish provides a great alternative for Non-Glare Glass. There are many situations where glass is not required, not wanted, or simply unusable for your frame style. By using a matte finish, you can eliminate glare. The finish is slightly textured (almost unnoticeable) which helps diffuse light.

This type of finish is ideal for very bright rooms, and in situations where artwork may be placed opposite a window or light source. Most types of mounted artwork can have this finish applied, except for photo’s and photo paper, which require a gloss finish.

This is the most common choice for our customers.

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