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Dry Mounting

What Is Dry Mounting?

Drymounting is a process in which artwork is permanently adhered to foamcore or matboard using an adhesive. Humidity changes and shifting can cause buckling over time. Drymounting is a great way to prevent this. Wrinkles and rips in artwork can be flattened out during the drymounting process and can leave a wrinkled piece of art looking brand new in most cases. Drymounting is permanent so we do not recommend it for original works of art, or valuable artwork as this can devalue the art. Ask one of our professional framers if drymounting is the right choice for your art.

Common Reasons To Consider Drymounting

  • Fix wrinkles and tears
  • For use without a frame
  • Framing without glass
  • Borders without matting
  • …and more!

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