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Digital Printing

Wide-Format Professional Grade Digital Printing

We use a professional grade on-demand ink jet printer with a maximum printable width of 43.5″. With a maximum resolution of 1440x720dpi your print work will be clean, crisp and vibrantly colored. We only use high quality archival ink and feature many printable medias on-site. We have the tools and experience to create digital prints that will exceed expectations.

We Can Print Directly On:

  • Semi_matte Photo Paper
  • Matte Poster Paper
  • Glossy Photo Paper
  • Textured Art Paper
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl Banner
  • Vinyl Sticker

Why Archival Ink Matters

Archival ink is pigment based ink that provides high quality color and image stability. Pigment based ink is quite different from dye based ink. Where dye based ink is absorbed into the material, pigment based ink sits on top of the material. This method ensures brighter color, and longer-lasting picture life (over 100 years). We recommend using archival ink for long lasting picture quality, professional printing, canvas printing, vinyl printing, and any graphic design work. We also recommend using full conservation framing with archival ink to ensure long lasting artwork.

The Drawbacks Of Regular Dye Ink

Dye type ink is designed to permanently change the color of the material it is applied to. This type of ink, as the name implies, saturates the material, meaning the color is absorbed. This type of ink fades quickly over time, has the potential to bleed colors, and does not produce high quality prints. With these things in mind, we have decided to only use archival ink to provide vivid results that will last.

How Large Can I Print My Digital Image?

The size at which your digital photos can be printed at depends on the original quality of the image. For accurate recommendations we highly suggest you bring in your digital image so our Creative Services department can examine it. Once examined, we can give you a quote, and some guidelines in regards to what will print out best. Our professional Graphic Artist can help you chose a size that will retain the best qualitys of your picture, without causing distortions and unwanted effects.

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