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Full Canvas Services

We offer in-house canvas stretching. Canvas needs to be stretched to the right tightness to allow for contraction after the stretching process is completed. If done improperly, the canvas can warp diagonally over time and this could result in damage and/or having to re-stretch your canvas. We professionally stretch the canvas with the proper allowances. Our professional framers have many years of experience stretching all types of canvas.

Canvas Options

  • Canvas Transfer
  • Digital Canvas Printing
  • Thin Bar Stretch
  • Gallery Wrap

What Is A Canvas Transfer?

A Canvas Transfer is a print or poster image that has been transferred and fixed to a canvas surface. A print or poster image is coated with a special film that lifts the image from the paper. The film with the embedded image is then heat-sealed to the canvas surface. The image is now permanently part of the canvas, and ready to be stretched.

What Is Canvas Stretching?

Canvas stretching is the process in which a canvas is mounted onto a stretcher bar support frame work in preparation for hanging or framing. These are the same frameworks that are used by most artists to stretch canvases for original art. Normally a canvas has about 2-3 inches of blank canvas left around the image. This ensures that no part of the image is lost while stretching the canvas around the stretcher bar frame work. Once the canvas is stretched onto its frame work the edges can be finished with a gloss or matte black edge tape for a clean look.

What Is A Gallery Wrap?

Instead of wrapping 2-3 inches of blank canvas around the stretcher bar frame work, a gallery wrap has 2-3 inches of the image wrapped around the stretcher bar frame work. It offers a more refined, museum type look and your canvased image seamlessly runs into the wall. This is ideal for trimming down your image if you were looking for a smaller image size.

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